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Announcing Threadloom List Builder for vBulletin and XenForo

Posted by Paul Lee on July 14, 2018 at 4:39 PM
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One year of Threadloom Newsletter

One year ago, we set out to build the easiest and most effective email newsletter service for forums.  The result was our second product, Threadloom Newsletter.  Today, millions of forum members receive weekly newsletters powered by Threadloom (the vast majority of which are sent via AutoPilot, which fully automates content selection, recipient curation, and delivery). We have since received thousands of emails from Newsletter recipients, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

When we first started, however, we knew that there was a much larger opportunity for forums.  Some of our earliest customers had described how as much as 90% of their visitors were referred by search engines.  They were excited about the traffic, but they were also concerned: If most of these drive-by visitors didn't register, how could forums offer them new content from their communities? And how could they do this in a way that respected the European Union (EU) General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR)?

So from the beginning, we designed Newsletter to work with a future product that would help forums engage this stream of visitors and grow their user base.  The result is our third product, Threadloom List Builder, which I'm pleased to announce is now generally available.

Introducing Threadloom List Builder

List Builder lets you present an attractive modal to visitors on your site, inviting them to opt in to your weekly email newsletters.  It's not only easy to install and GDPR-compliant; it also integrates seamlessly with Threadloom Newsletter.

  • Easy to install.  Aside from upgrading to the latest version of the Threadloom plug-in, there's nothing to install.  You can configure List Builder entirely in the Threadloom Portal, including trigger types (pageviews, scroll distance, and time), text, and colors.  You can also choose whether it displays to logged out users only, logged in users only, or both.  Once you enable List Builder, it will automatically start appearing on your forum.
  • GDPR-compliant.  We've worked with the privacy team at Fenwick & West to design language and a user interface that is compliant with the GDPR and easy for visitors to understand.  Visitors who sign up confirm their subscription through an automated double opt-in email process.  Once confirmed, they appear in your Threadloom dashboard, where you can delete individuals if you receive a GDPR-related right-to-be-forgotten (RTBF) request.
  • Integrated with Newsletter.  Threadloom automatically adds List Builder subscribers to your existing Threadloom Newsletter weekly edition.  List Builder also keeps enduser consent status in sync with Newsletter unsubscribe requests.

Getting started

List Builder is free for Threadloom Newsletter customers.  If you're already using Threadloom Newsletter, download the latest Threadloom plug-in from the Portal.  Once you install it, activate List Builder in "Newsletter settings" in the Portal.

If you aren't using Threadloom Newsletter yet, starting at $10 per month, you get one of the easiest-to-use and most effective email newsletter services, designed just for forums.  Feel free to drop us a line to learn more.

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