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Unlock your best content with Threadloom

Posted by Paul Lee on March 6, 2017 at 4:15 PM
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Threadloom's powerful search engine is now available for all forums

I'm happy to share that Threadloom, the best forum search engine on the market, is now generally available! As we began this journey last fall, David Silvernail, the owner of ControlBooth.com and a participant in our Early Access Program, sent me this message:

"My job is to provide a place for new people to get accurate, safe answers from the more experienced in the industry. Your search tools make our best content easier to find!"

I loved how this captured both what Threadloom does, and why we do it. Forums are incredible, generous learning communities, and we want to make it easier for forum users to find the best content in those communities with a search engine that's powerful, easy to use, and cloud-based.

Our Early Access Program was a great success and enabled us to get feedback from our customers and forum users to ultimately build a better product. In fact, 95% of our early customers plan to continue using Threadloom. It's exciting to see new forum users become regulars, and to hear about regular users discovering content they couldn't find before.

Today’s launch is a significant milestone, and we can’t wait to hear what you think! We have a ton of improvements planned, including an improved user interface, powerful new core features, and artificial intelligence tools to help forums grow. We look forward to welcoming more forums on this journey.

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The most powerful forum search engine

Powerful, easy to use, cloud-based

Threadloom uses the latest search technology and the power of the cloud to make it quick and easy for your users to find the most relevant content on your forum.

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