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Hello, XenForo

Posted by Paul Lee on June 20, 2016 at 12:00 PM
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I’m pleased to announce that earlier this week, we launched Threadloom Community Search (TCS) on our first XenForo customer, TwinStuff.com. TwinStuff is a family-friendly forum that hosts discussions about everything related to twins. Now, when you search on the site, you’ll get all of the benefits of TCS, including improved search quality, forum filters, and fast forum-specific restricts.

As with our vBulletin plug-in, our XenForo plug-in follows the same model of convenience and simplicity. It installs in less than 2 minutes using the standard XenForo plug-in process, and requires no specialized setup or maintenance.

We will be announcing a new program soon for forum owners to try out Threadloom on their own sites — stay tuned!

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