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Boosting engagement on Baby Bargains

Posted by Paul Lee on May 10, 2016 at 12:00 PM
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A few months ago, we launched Threadloom Community Search on our first partner site, BabyBargains.com. My wife and I have been fans of BabyBargains.com since joining the forum years ago while expecting our first child. Because I know firsthand what a valuable resource BabyBargains.com is, I’m excited to share data from our launch.

Here are the results from the 
first 7 weeks after launching Threadloom on BabyBargains.com:

WPP case study.png

As you may have seen from our earlier demo, the time required to complete a search decreased by 90%. We were thrilled to see users respond by increasing their searches sixfold. In addition, we found that users spent more time, viewed more pages, and registered for accounts more often. You can read more in our case study.

We’re working hard to make site search even better on BabyBargains.com. Every few weeks, Threadloom automatically updates itself with new features and performance improvements. We’re also looking forward to bringing Threadloom Community Search to a new set of great forums on the vBulletin and XenForo platforms in coming months. If you own a forum and are interested in joining us, let us know.

BabyBargains.com made the experience of welcoming our first child easier and more fun. We’re excited to make it easier for parents on BabyBargains.com to connect with each other and find the information they’re looking for as they start their own family journeys.


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