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Announcing Custom Search Tabs for Threadloom

Posted by Alyssa Caulley on June 15, 2017 at 11:54 AM
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Many forums host a WordPress blog or other resources on their site.  Unfortunately, until now, there hasn’t been an integrated solution to search over blog and other content alongside your forum posts.  Today, we’re launching Custom Search Tabs, which allows you to integrate content from your WordPress blog or other resources in your Threadloom search results.


Custom Search Tabs allows you to add additional tabs above the search box in minutes.  Simply login to the Threadloom Portal and choose the label and path that the tab will search over.  You can easily preview results before they go live on your forum.  Once you enable the tab, your visitors will see the new tab on any Threadloom search results page within 5 minutes.


Click here to see it in action on Tesla Motors Club.

Here are some of the advantages of custom search tabs:

  • You can search over non-forum content like a WordPress blog, an e-commerce shop, or even a legacy section of your site.
  • You can specify subdomains to restrict your search to and/or exclude a specific path.
  • Results are available within 5 minutes after you configure your custom tab.

You also get the same benefits as with the rest of Threadloom:

  • Lower server utilization as you offload results to the Threadloom cloud.
  • Mobile-responsive UI that is designed to work across browsers and devices.
  • The same powerful experience regardless of whether your forum is on vBulletin or XenForo.

If you’re already using Threadloom, you can set up new tabs right away.  Just upgrade to the latest plug-in from the Threadloom Portal, set up a custom tab in the Portal, and let us know what you think! There is no additional charge for Custom Search Tabs – it’s already included in your plan.

If you haven’t tried Threadloom yet, sign up here.  It’s completely free for smaller forums, and all of our plans for larger forums include a free 30-day trial.

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